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Posted by HOJOE on Friday, July 29, 2011


"Knowledge.Is.Loving.Life.Always.Maintaining.Almighty's.Nirvana.HoJoe" K.I.L.L.A.MA.N.HOJOE. HoJoe was Born in Kingston 10, Jamaica and moved to the Milwaukee,WI as a young boy. "I love music hiphop, dancehall, reggae etc. Everything is 1000 with I every time on all levels." "My music reflects my mind, energy, understanding, overstanding, experiences, healing, MY greatest therapy, vibrations, and frequencies." "I AM daily striving for betterment in self which in turn betters the whole when correct you instill these lessons in willing. If you feel you escaped the struggle or you made it out the hood you haven't it still exists you must get rid of the hood and the struggle." "Take a stand with knowledge of what happened, what is happening and bring the world into balance take a stand for justice & equality." GOD = Man + Woman which creates life manifesting the creators power through the oneness the sun is also the male and female energy as oneness made. Man knows not of peace only God knows peace Man + Woman + Child = Peace. Thank U! For taking the time to come through listening and reading, it is greatly appreciated and keeps me pushing towards greater works. Never underestimate the power of your Words and what it can do for Anyone's day or life. I appreciate my peeps for writing, chatting with I, Just reaching out U Always come through at the right time aLL for A reason. Thank you for supporting me.Peace!, Safety, Guidance, Blessings, Love and Light!!